SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition
23 – 29 November 2015


There have been different perspectives and interpretations on Myanmar history since it was viewed by different people. The perspectives and interpretations of Myanmar scholars, however, are not too well known because Myanmar scholars publish mostly in the Myanmar language. As the Regional Centre for History and Tradition, (SEAMEO CHAT) has a role in putting together a picture of Myanmar’s past, its development, and its mosaic of cultures and traditions, especially their strengths and weaknesses and ability to adapt in changing circumstances, as seen from the perspectives of the present community of scholars in the country.

  • Nature of the Programme

     The programme will run for seven-days from 23 to 29 November 2015. It will consist of a series of lectures and discussions conducted by prominent Myanmar scholars and a five-day trip to the historical cities of Bago, Bagan and Mandalay.

  • Lecture Topic

Political Development in Myanmar
Source Materials on Myanmar History
Bagan : Art and Architecture
Ancient Pyu Cities in Myanmar
Hanthawaddy : Maritime Trade and Land Empire
Mandalay : The Court & the City
History of Yangon

For Programme details, please contact
Dr Naw Si Blut, Programme Officer
SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition (SEAMEO CHAT)

Pyay Road, Yangon 11041